Super Sculpting Workout DVD

$ 20.00

Brand The Bar Method

Bar Method founder Burr Leonard has packaged together the Bar Methods most fast-acting body-reshaping moves into one super-targeted 59-minute workout. The exercises include four sets of thigh-work and the Bar Methods famous pretzel with the ball. Youll also use the ball to zero in on problem areas in your inner thighs and seat. Burrs fellow performers are Chelsea Glavinovich, co-owner of the Walnut Creek and San Ramon Bar Method studios in San Franciscos East Bay. Keryun Dukellis and Mike Najjar are both teachers at the San Franciscos flagship Marina studio, and Tera Roth is a teacher at the Downtown San Francisco studio. If you want the quickest results possible, this is the workout for you.

What you need:
* A sturdy chair or portable bar
* A soft strap for stretching
* Two free weights that are 2-to-4 pounds each
* A 7 diameter playground ball

DVD Specification:
* 1 Hrs. 20 min.
* 7 Chapters
* Language: English
* DVDs are coded for region 1 (United States and Canada) and they are playable on multi-regional (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8) devices.