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Super sculpting ii workout dvd

Super sculpting ii workout dvd

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Tighten your seat-belts! Bar Method founder Burr Leonard puts the pedal to the metal in this 58-minute workout by combining her most aerobic variations, many of them never seen except in studios, with a fast-tracked pace. You'll do five sets of thigh-work, one of them performed with the ball between your legs and two sets of seat exercises that simultaneously challenge both legs. During the abdominal section you'll perform safe, beautiful-looking sequences that will set your abs on fire. Presenting the workout with Burr are Sharon Demko and Kiesha Ramey-Presner, both teachers at the Bar Methods flagship studio in the San Francisco Marina, and Juan Barba, a teacher at the Bar Method studio in Burbank, California. In Kieshas words, Super Sculpting II is intense but with reach for someone to work up to. The choreography is really fun, and Burr inspires you to do it. What you need: * A sturdy chair or portable bar * A soft strap for stretching * Two free weights that are 2-to-4 pounds each * A 7 diameter playground ball DVD Specification: * 1 Hrs. 18 min. * 8 Chapters * Language: English * DVDs are coded for region 1 (United States and Canada) and they are playable on multi-regional (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8) devices.