Accelerated Workout DVD

$ 17.00

Brand The Bar Method

The Bar Method Accelerated Workout picks up the pace of the Bar Method class to maximize caloric burn both during and following this total body 56-minute workout. The class starts with a warm-up that includes free-weight exercises and push-ups and proceeds to challenge you with series of bar exercises guaranteed to give your upper legs and buns a long, lean lifted, trimmed-down look. The second part of the class includes core sculpting, the Bar Methods sexy back-dancing exercise, and a peaceful series of final stretches. Burrs Fellow performers, Catherine Wendel, Jen Hedrick and Jane Culliford are teachers/ owners of Bar Method studios in Chicago, New Jersey and New York.

What you need:
* A sturdy chair or portable bar
* A soft strap for stretching
* Two free weights that are 2-to-4 pounds each (optional)
DVD Specification:
* 56 min.
* 6 Chapters
* Language: English
* DVDs are coded for region 1 (United States and Canada) and they are playable on multi-regional (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8) devices.