Dancer's Body Advanced Workout DVD


Brand The Bar Method

Get ready! Actress, singer, dancer and master Bar Method teacher Marine Alton delivers a no-holds-barred super-advanced Bar Method DVD workout that will slim down and sculpt your body quickly. In this 62 minute-long Bar Method class Marnie draws from the principles of dance to target the muscles that give your body a beautiful, defined, graceful appearance. Exercises include: water-ski thigh-work, arabesque, and the Bar Methods wicked new abdominal exercise, "the clam". Marnies fellow performers are Denise Burchard, co-owner of the Portland Bar Method studio, and Marin Van Vleck, upcoming owner of a Dallas-area Bar Method studio, and Michael Lowery and Katelin Chesna, both long-time Bar Method teachers in Los Angeles. This DVD will inspire your to get serious about changing your body.

What you need:
* A sturdy chair or portable bar
* A soft strap for stretching
* Two free weights that are 2-to-4 pounds each (optional)

DVD Specification:

* 1 Hrs. 25 Min.
* 8 Chapers
* Language: English
DVDs are coded for region 1 (United States and Canada) and they are playable on multi-regional (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8) devices.